Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Snow White: A Muslim Princess (Part Three)

A cloud passed over the full moon, temporarily casting the cottage into utter darkness. A group of five men made their way toward the small cottage, across the carefully tended garden, trampling over the sweet smelling flowers planted in neat rows. They peered through the window, making out the candlelit interior of the cottage. It was poorly furnished, having only a small stove and a bed. The most distinguishing feature of the room were the many books lining the otherwise bare walls. There were two women in the room, blissfully unaware of the evil intent of their silent observers.The woman closer to the window was rather old, resting her back against the bed, eyes closed, listening to the younger woman read out from a beautifully decorated book. The tallest man's eyes lit up, pointing out the young woman to his gang. They crept towards the door as quietly as they could, trying to avoid even the remote possibility of attracting the attention of any villager who happened to be passing by at this late hour.

Snow White looked up from the Ayah she had just finished. She thought she had heard something outside. Closing the Quran, she gently placed it on a shelf and put on her Hijab. Shaking her head slightly at the old cook's questioning look, she walked up to the door and put her ear to it. She could just barely hear a whispering voice and a bit of scuffling. She hurriedly turned to the anxious cook,

"Khala, my stepmother must have finally decided I am too much of a threat to her. The men outside are only after me, there is no need for you to get hurt as well."

"I am not going to let them take you, we can hide or try to fight."

"There is not enough time, they already know we are here, and there are at least three of them. I don't want you to get hurt. Please Khala, none of them, not even the Queen herself, can harm me if Allah does not allow them to do so."

The cook looked as if she was about to protest but then sighed, tears sparkling in her eyes, "You are right Habeebti. Inshaallah, this will all work out all right in the end."

Snow White hugged the cook, "Don't be sad, Allah loves those who are patient. Please take care of yourself, I love you so very much."

And with that the men came bursting into the small room, wielding sharp knives that glinted in the candlelight, roughly pulling Snow White away from the pious woman who loved her as if she was her own daughter.


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