Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Snow White: A Muslim Princess (Part Two)

It started after the Queen banished the local Imam to a faraway land after he gave a Khutbah against her. A whisper at first, it grew louder and louder. Men would discuss it as they planted maize in the fields. Women would chat about it as they cooked dinner for their families. Even children would excitedly tell their friends about it, proud to be the first to know the latest news. Rebellion was on every villager’s mind and tongue. Slowly, but surely, a plan started to form.
Their plan was to storm the castle, get rid of the unjust queen, and to put their rightful ruler, Snow White on the throne. It was very dangerous, yes, but the villagers were tired of suffering under the evil Queen’s harsh law and excessive taxes. They had watched Snow White grow up into a strong, courageous woman, and every villager, from the smallest baby, to the oldest bedridden being loved her and respected her.
Unfortunately, rumours of this daring scheme reached the Queen’s ears. She immediately sent her guards to arrest the ringleaders of the plot and had them publically executed. She then issued a proclamation, enforcing a curfew and banning
any gatherings, benign or otherwise on penalty of death.
Heavily armed guards were stationed throughout the village to enforce her law.
With the villagers forced into submission, she then turned to the ever growing problem of Snow White. She had seen the way the villagers had taken her as their leader, and the way she was universally loved. She realized that the villagers would not remain silent for long; it was only a matter of time before they rose up against her once again. She decided that the only way to make her position on the throne secure was to remove Snow White from the equation.

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